Site address: Kertupio g. 20B, Neveroniu k., Neveroniu sen., Kauno r. sav.
Construction type: Reconstruction
Building Category: Special
Building Function: Industrial
Number of Floors: 1
Gross Floor Area: 1267.93 m2
Volume: 5838 m3

1. Meeting with client and discussion of technological and architectural concepts

2. Development of technological (scheme/plans?); consultation with client and appropriate choice of machinery for planned works (attachments 1 & 2)

3. Development of architectural concepts in accordance with agreed technological (scheme/plans?) (attachments 3, 4 & 5)

4. Visualisations of the property including solutions for the outdoors (attachments viz1,viz2,viz3)

5. Development of technical design and approval of construction permit (title page of technical design attached).

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6. Supervision of construction process (attachments 6, 7, 8 & 9)

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© Dalis erdvės achyvas