Private house

Site location: Elniu˛ g. 4, Kaunas
Land area: 0.0600 ha
Construction type: New structure
Building Category: Ordinary
Building Function: Residential
Gross Floor Area: 189.75 m2
Usable Floor Area: 120.31 m2
Building Volume: 925 m3
Building Height: 7.15 m

The Building

The building being designed is a single-flat two-story residential house of modern architectural style possessing a complex floorplan and volume structure. The main façade consists of two volumes with diagonally descending parapets. The main façade is dominated by a large window spanning two floors and designed to illuminate the living space and the master bedroom. The main entrance to the building is concealed behind a diagonally slanting wall of the main façade. The side façade, facing Kiauniu˛ gatve˙, is parallel to the rear façade. This is the narrowest side of the building and contains the main entrance as well as a planned covered ground floor terrace in the south-eastern corner of the house. The eastern façade of the house contains bedroom windows, a terrace, and a kitchen window. The northern façade contains windows out of the staircase, the garage, and the boiler room.
Zoning and Function of Floor Area

The building is of a complex shape, however the functional layout of the indoors is simple and intuitive. The ground floor contains the garage, the boiler room, a bathroom, and a communal area containing the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room. The first floor boasts another bathroom, the master bedroom with a wardrobe area, two smaller bedrooms, and a study and/or guest room.

1. Petition for the necessary documents for planning the project, a discussion regarding the requests and desires of the client and the creation of the plan for the project

2. Creation of the project's propositions and their co-ordination with the client's requests: 2.1 A preliminary sketch of the plans and the creation of the facade options 2.2 Co-ordination the various choices with the client 2.3 Creation of the visualization of the project

3. Creation of the plan of work for the technical aspects of the project

4. Co-ordination of the project and the acquisition of the documented permission to carry out construction